Get a Real Estate Lawyer on Your Side


Did you know that in New York, it is necessary to hire a real estate lawyer to buy property? This includes that dream house with the breakfast nook and bay windows you’ve been eyeing, not just large property purchases for commercial use.

There are two main types of firms that handle real estate in New York. Many lawyers handle real estate transactions, specifically specializing in real estate purchases and sales. Then there are larger New York real estate firms that not only handle transactional issues, but are also prepared to go to court should the need arise. Before choosing an attorney, it is important to know about these two types of practices so you’ll be better informed to make the decision that is right for you. Buying your dream home shouldn’t be a nightmare—the right attorney can help you through the process and make sure you are legally covered in any scenario.

So, the state is telling you that you must hire a lawyer, but what exactly do they do? A New York real estate lawyer will review mortgage documents to make sure they are in order, including the mortgage commitment letter and lender fees calculation. A good attorney will help you understand the mountain of paperwork that comes with buying a home. They’ll be quick to point out anything that doesn’t appear right and help you make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. And if it doesn’t—if there is an issue that arises during the process wherein the seller breaches contract—a reputable New York real estate lawyer will litigate to protect your interest.

It is important to note that not all New York real estate attorneys litigate real estate issues. Some handle transactional issues only, verifying your paperwork is in order so you can proceed with your purchase. However, if something goes wrong, they’ll refer you to a larger New York real estate firm that is better equipped to take your case to court. Because of this, we suggest signing with a New York real estate firm that handles both from the start. That way, should the need arise, you’ll be protected from the beginning of your real estate transaction to the end.

A New York real estate lawyer can help ensure you’re protected as you move forward with a property purchase. It’s a big deal, and you deserve the peace of mind a knowledgeable attorney can provide. A reputable New York real estate lawyer will offer a free consultation to help you better understand what they can do for you to help you move forward with the purchase of your dream home. Whether you are looking to buy your first home, expanding your business, or looking to upgrade to a larger home, it is important to also select a lawyer you feel comfortable with. That way, when you make that offer on the lovely brownstone or that condo with a view, you’ll feel more secure knowing that your New York real estate lawyer is looking out for you.