Teen Severely Wounded Following Drive-by Shooting

imageA night out took a horrible twist for a 17-year-old California boy when he was shot multiple times while he was walking home. The shots struck him in the chest. Officers were startled to find that the boy was still alive when they reached the scene of the crime on Moore Street. They wasted no time contacting EMT’s and making sure the boy got to the hospital where he is currently listed as being in critical condition.


At the time this article was written, the police continued to search for the shooter, in the meantime, anyone who finds themselves in South California needs to be careful and stay alert to signs of drive by shootings.

zombicon01_de_25394070_ver1.0_640_480Once they catch the shooter, the police and county district attorney will start preparing a legal case against the shooter, but while the family and victim should be pleased that the justice system worked in their favor, it won’t help them deal with the financial hardship and strain the shooting has placed on the family. Nor will it help the victim learn how to live life as the survivor of multiple gun shots.

According to attorney Drew Warren managing partner of a top personal injury firm with an office headquartered in California, the best thing the victim and his family can do is taking steps to file a civil claim against the shooter. “A civil settlement won’t erase the fact that he was shot multiple times in the chest, but it will help ease the financial burden the experience and his injuries place on him and his family.”

A settlement would cover the medical bills connected to his current stay in ICU, future physical and psychological medical treatments he’ll need as a direct result of the shooting, and any loss of current or future wages he experiences as a result of this tragic experience. He could also be entitled to a settlement that covers the pain and suffering he’s endured as a result of this incident.

It’s difficult to be certain at the moment, but it’s also possible that the boy might have a civil case against the local police department should an investigation reveal that they haven’t been doing everything in their power to help prevent something like this from happening. If a separate, private investigation reveals this to be the case, then the shooting victim can explore the possibility of filing a civil case against the local police department that was tasked with keeping the area safe for everyone.

shooting_generic2_20110201031943_640_480_1429519622036_17062797_ver1.0_640_480The best time to file a personal injury case is as soon as possible. Contact accident attorney for help. By filing early, you don’t have to worry about violating the statute of limitations. The early filing also ensures that your lawyer will be able to launch an investigation while the details of the case are still fresh in the witness’s minds, and therefore more accurate.

The California community has given strong support to the family of the victim, giving continual prayers for healing and a swift recovery.