Six Bikers Injured as the Result of Collision in Myrtle Beach

Riding a motorcycle can be a risky experience, a point that was driven home when six motorcyclists where involved in a nasty crash in Myrtle Beach.


When fire rescue arrived on the scene of the accident, they decided that the extent of all six bikers injuries were severe enough to warrant instant transport to area hospitals. At the time the accident took place, the bikers were riding south on Krome. The ride was cut short when they collided into a van that was hauling a trailer.

According to the van driver, he was forced to step down hard on his brake pedal when the car in front of him suddenly slowed. He also swerved to the left, which put him directly into the path f the oncoming motorcycles. One bike burst into flames when it struck the van.

Four of the six motorcyclists were identified as trauma alert patients when they were transferred to the nearest hospital. Two were sent to Jackson Memorial Ryder Trauma Center. The other two more seriously injured bikers were transferred to Kendall Regional Medical Center.

Motorcycle-accident-crash1“There’s nothing like hearing about a bad motorcycle accident to really drive home the fact that they’re not the safest form of transportation,” said Joe and Martin, from  Joe and Martin Firm in Myrtle Beach. “While motorcycles are a great deal of fun, they’re also dangerous. The data collected nationwide indicates that using a motorcycle to commute rather than a car puts you at a 26 greater times risk of getting into an accident, and most motorcycle accidents result in a hospital stay.”

Traffic accidents on motorbikes often end up fatal. It’s enough just a moment of inattention while driving fast and you will lose control of the motorcycle. Young people often carry adrenaline and desire to prove he’s not thinking about the consequences until it happens  accident and then, unfortunately, it’s too late

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t be surprised if you have a difficult time getting the insurance company to pay out. Sadly, the country is full of insurance company that will happily accept money, but when it comes to paying a claim they often sight a long list of reasons why the don’t have to.

Rather than fighting with the insurance company, contact a personal injury lawyer. The insurance company is trying to delay you long enough that the statutes of limitations on your accident, which leaves them free to deny payment. Your personal injury lawyer won’t let that happen. Not only will they make sure all of your paperwork is properly filed, but they’ll also launch a full investigation into the accident that caused your injury and use what they learn to rebut any argument your insurance company makes.

If find the idea of having to go to court and discuss your accident you can relax. In most personal injury cases that involve a motorcycle, the insurance company often experience an abrupt change of attitude when they learn you’ve hired a lawyer and quickly agree to pay out on your claim.


The settlement you get for a motorcycle related personal injury claim generally includes, property damage, medical expenses, loss wages, and pain and suffering.